About Troyer Machine Inc...
Troyer Machine was originally started by race car driver/ builder
Maynard Troyer in 1982.  He started the machine shop in a small
portion of the building that housed his successful car building
business.  The original purpose of the company was to manufacture
car parts that just weren't available at that time.  The company
purchased several machines upon its creation, and soon began
designing and producing parts that were well ahead of their time.  As
a result, producing innovative, reliable racing parts became the
primary focus of Troyer Machine.  
Troyer Machine today...
In 1994, owners Maynard Troyer and Tony Chiruck moved the
machine shop into its present location, which is more than twice
the square footage of the previous location.  Since then, the
primary goal of manufacturing the most innovative parts has
remained a constant.  Troyer Machine is always upgrading its
designs and technology to consistently stay ahead of its
competition.  Rest assured that when you put a part from Troyer
Machine on your car, you're using the best product on the market!
Troyer Machine Inc.
Troyer Machine Inc.
The #6 Car of Maynard Troyer
Troyer Machine Inc.